LunarROMCorruptorv3 is a new advanced corruptor that allows the user to corrupt ROMS or files by using multiple engines.


Simple Corruption Stash Saving

Where you can save parts of the corruption and not just the whole file. This is similar to the stash and stockpile manager from Windows Glitch Harvester.

Multiple Corruption Engines

I’ve implemented corruption engines that are from other corruption programs such as nightmare engine. And I’ve also implemented my own such as the Lunar engine, Merge Engine and the Logic Engine which are far more advanced and allows more options thus more complex corruptions.


ByteEdit is the new feature where you can look at and modify a value in a specific address that the user specifies.

Full Control

I want the user to have full control over the corruption, So I’ve added a bunch of options Available to the user that is more specific.

Included Program Memory Corruption

This program includes program memory corruption that allows the user to select a process that they want to corrupt.

Stash Editor

Stash Editor is a new feature where you can edit the selected corruption stash file and modify the corruption stash. Like the Windows Glitch Harvester.

You can report a problem by simply using my social media pages that are on the front page.

There is a guide included in the zip file. And if you still don’t know, either play around with it or look for tutorials for VineSauce ROM corruptor or the Windows Glitch Harvester my interface is similar to them.


It's free!


A program made to explore cache files of programs like Chrome, Opera, Steam, Discord, etc. It auto-detects extensions and it allows you to export any file(s) you selected. The program can display and support all of windows media players supported extenstions, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, wmf, png, webm, and if all else fails, you can view the file in plain text.


Delete Selected Cache Files

If you find sensitive information for example, you can securely delete the cache file itself. If you want to delete it normally, you can click the Delete Selected Button.

Can play media files

Like mp4, webm and other types.

Export cache file

You can export cache files and it will have the appropriate file extension.

Auto Detects File Types

When loading cache files, they normally have no extensions. However, this program can detect what file type it is.

Filter out cache files

You can filter the cache files to only show .gif files for example.

You can report a problem by simply using my social media pages that are on the front page.

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